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Interesting Links

  1. http://www.radRounds.com "Professional Networking Site for Radiologists"
  2. http://theheartfellow.org. A web page for cardiovascular medicine fellows. It has a public forum to exchange ideas, both medical and otherwise, that relate to careers and lives as cardiology trainees. It also posts a “Case Of The Month” series contributed by fellows.
  3. http://www.mymedicalcareer.com.au An online career planning portal for Australian medical students and junior doctors. Their goal is to guide you through the process of selecting and achieving a career which best suits your interests, skills and lifestyle needs.

Other Medical Wikis

  1. Fluwikie The purpose of the Flu Wiki is to help local communities prepare for and perhaps cope with a possible influenza pandemic.
  2. WikiSurgery A surgical encyclopedia for surgeons and their patients.
  3. http://jtf.wikispaces.com Manual for the Interns Online. Created by medical students and residents at the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor VA Hospitals.
  4. Radiopaedia This site is a wiki devoted to radiology.
  5. Radswiki. Another radiology wiki.
  6. Clinfowiki The Clinical Informatics Wiki is an implementation of a wiki devoted to topics in clinical informatics.

Medical Blogs

  1. Clinical Cases and Images
  2. Web 2.0 and Medicine
  3. ScienceRoll
  4. Robotic Surgery Blog
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