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Create an Article from Scratch

To create an article, simply enter the title of the article below and hit CREATE ARTICLE! If you need more information click on Help on the toolbar on the left side of this page

After you finish entering the text into your article it is important to place a category name at the end of your article so it will be included in the specific category you are adding the article. For example, if you are inserting an article about Cardiology you must type [[Category:Cardiology]] at the bottom of the page.

Transfer From a Word Document to a Wiki

Using this method may save you some time if you have already entered your article into a Word Document. You can just cut and paste but doing so you may lose some of your formatting. Another way is to make a wiki page:

  1. Create a new wiki page for the document
  2. Open the document in Word
  3. Go to File | Save As -> and use format: "Web Page, Filtered"
  4. Open the file using WordPad, Notepad, or a similar program.
  5. Select All the text, Copy, and Paste it into the wiki edit page
  6. Delete all the code before the words "div class" and after the words "/div". These two are near the beginning and end of the html code. This will move all the text and keep the formatting.
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