Diastolic Dysfunction

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  • Stage 1: Impaired Relaxation
    • PV S2>>PVd
  • Stage 2:Pseudonormalization
  • Stage 3:Reversible Restriction
    • Deceleration Time 150-220
    • PVd>PVs
  • STage 4:Irreversible Restriction
    • E/A > 2
    • Deceleration time < 150

Echocardiographic Assessment

  1. Record mitral valve inflow with pulse wave Doppler between the tips of the mitral valve with a sample of 1-2mm
  2. Record Pulmonary Vein Flow Velocities
  3. Record Hepatic Vein Velocities in subcostal view using Pw proximal to the junction of the IVC
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