Cardiac Tamponade

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Echocardiographic Assessment

  • Look for right atrial systolic collapse (duration > 1/3 of systole)
  • Look for Right ventricular diastolic collapse
  • Look for paradoxical septal motion
  • Check for IVC Plethora and >50% reduction with inspiration
  • Assess amount of fluid which will be anterior to the descending aorta
    • <1 cm small
    • 1-2cm moderate
    • >2cm large
  • Measure pulse wave doppler across mitral valve
    • Inspiration decrease >25%
    • Expiration increase >25%
  • Measure pulse wave Doppler across tricuspid valve
    • Increase with inspiration
    • Decrease with expiration
  • Measure pulmonary vein and hepatic vein flows which will be blunted or reversed
  • Check deceleration times which will decrease with constriction not tamponade
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